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We support home–school partnerships

We believe when parents and caregivers engage with their child’s learning, the child is more likely to feel connected, motivated, actively learning, safe and happy.

Strong communication channels underpin home–school partnerships, so we encourage you to:

  • visit the learning neighbourhoods to stay abreast of your child’s progress
  • make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress
  • read our fortnightly school newsletter (use the link we send via email)
  • regularly access Compass, our communication app for parents
  • attend assemblies on Friday afternoons at 3.00 pm
  • read the Neighbourhood blog to discover more about your child’s learning.


Home learning

The home is a great place in which to share ideas, express opinions, and present explanations.

You can make the most of your child’s innate curiosity about the world by asking your child about their interests and passions.

One rewarding way to engage with your child is by reading with them and then talking together about what you learned. Another idea is to help your child in their inquiry project or piece of writing.

For more please see our Home learning policy

Children thrive when home and school work together.”

Teacher interacting with students
Term 1 information night

Come along at the start of each school year to learn about curriculum and classroom practice, and how you might support your child’s learning at home, especially in literacy and numeracy.

Special days and expos

We invite you to attend these exciting days that showcase your child’s work.


Our educators report twice a year on student achievement. More