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We maintain policies on important matters

Our policies outline our position, and those of the Victorian and Commonwealth governments, on important issues. We regularly review our policies to make sure they reflect our values and direction. If we’ve revised a policy, we’ll upload it to the school website for feedback. If you’d like to provide feedback, please email policy@phps.vic.edu.au.

School Policies

You can view or download Princes Hill Primary School policy documents below. All documents will open in a new tab, to download please “right click” the document and select “save link as”.

PolicyDate of PolicyResponsibility
Alcohol at School EventsView PDFDownload09/02/2021DET
Anaphylaxis Management PolicyView PDFDownload24/04/2023PHPS
Asthma PolicyView PDFDownload2019PHPS
Attendance Policy View PDFDownload24/04/2023PHPS
Bullying Prevention PolicyView PDFDownload16/5/23PHPS
Camps and Excursions Policy View PDFDownload18/10/2022PHPS
Cash Handling PolicyView PDFDownload2021PHPS
Class PlacementView PDFDownload10/07/2023PHPS
Communication with School Staff PolicyView PDFDownload15/09/2021PHPS
Complaints PolicyView PDFDownload2019PHPS
Digital Technologies (Internet, Social Media, Digital Devices)View PDFDownload2021PHPS
Digital Technologies (Provision)View PDFDownload2019PHPS
Duty Of Care PolicyView PDFDownload07/09/2021PHPS
Electronic Funds Management PolicyView PDFDownload2021PHPS
First Aid PolicyView PDFDownload2021PHPS
Fundraising PolicyView PDFDownload2021PHPS
Health Care Needs PolicyView PDFDownload09/09/2021PHPS
Inclusion and Diversity PolicyView PDFDownload15/5/2023PHPS
LeaveView PDFDownload16/08/2023PHPS
Mandatory Vaccination Information Collection and Recording ProceduresView PDFDownload11/2021PHPS
MedicationView PDFDownload09/09/2021PHPS
Mobile Phones - Student Use PolicyView PDFDownload29/09/2021PHPS
Guidelines For The Neighbourhood Representative ProgramView PDFDownload2020PHPS
Parent Payment PolicyView PDFDownload2019PHPS
Personal Property PolicyView PDFDownload24/04/2023PHPS
Photographing, Filming and Recording Students PolicyView PDFDownload24/04/2023PHPS
PrivacyView PDFDET
Respect for School Staff PolicyView PDFDownload24/04/2023PHPS
School Purchasing Card PolicyView PDFDownload24/04/2023PHPS
School Council Standing OrdersView OnlineDownload14/3/2023PHPS
Sponsorship PolicyView PDFDownload2020DET
Statement of Values and School PhilosophyView PDFDownload10/09/2021PHPS
Student Wellbeing and Engagement PolicyView PDFDownload16/5/2023PHPS
Sunsmart PolicyView PDFDownload2019PHPS
Visitor PolicyView PDFDownload2022PHPS
Volunteer PolicyView PDFDownload2022PHPS
Yard Duty and Supervision PolicyView PDFDownload2022PHPS

Child Safe Policies

Four Critical Actions Child AbuseView PDFDownload
Four Critical Actions SSOView PDFDownload
Statement of Commitment to Child SafetyView PDFDownload
Child Safety Code of ConductView PDFDownload
Child Safety and Wellbeing PolicyView PDFDownload
Child Safety Reporting Obligations (including Mandatory reporting) Policy and ProceduresView PDFDownload

School Strategic Planning

2023 Annual ReportView PDFDownload
Four Year Strategic Goals 2021 to 2025View PDFDownload
2023 Annual Implementation PlanView PDFDownload

Parent Payment Policies

2023 - Parent Payments PolicyView PDFDownload

Draft Policies


BYOD Handbook 2024


Dept Education and Early Childhood Development (DET)

Draft Policies

Exchange Program


Sister School

Covid Safe Plan for Welcome Expo and Wellbeing Festival March 10th