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We maintain policies on important matters

Our policies outline our position, and those of the Victorian and Commonwealth governments, on important issues.

We regularly review our policies to make sure they reflect our values and direction. If we’ve revised a policy, we’ll upload it to the school website for feedback. If you’d like to provide feedback, please email policy@phps.edu.au.

School Policies

You can view or download Princes Hill Primary School policy documents below. All documents will open in a new tab, to download please “right click” the document and select “save link as”.

   Ratified by CouncilResponsibility
Anaphylaxis ManagementView PDFDownload2/04/2019
Access and Equity PolicyView PDFDownload27/06/2017
Asbestos ManagementView PDFDownload19/05/2017
Assessment and Reporting PolicyView PDFDownload28/03/2017
Attendance Policy View PDFDownload2019
Camera Policy View PDFDownload13/09/2014
Camps and Excursions Policy View PDFDownload2019
Child Safe Policy View PDFDownload06/06/2016
Digital Technologies eSmart Policy View PDFDownload06/06/2016
Drug Education Policy View PDFDownload
Duty Of Care and Supervision PolicyView PDFDownload27/06/2017
Enrolment PolicyView PDFDownload28/03/2017
Educational Support Fund PolicyView PDFDownload27/06/2017
Equal Opportunity PolicyView PDFDownload15/11/2012
Excursion Activity PolicyView PDFDownload28/03/2017
First Aid PolicyView PDFDownload27/06/2017
Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality PolicyView PDFDownload24/10/2016
Headlice Management PolicyView PDFDownload25/6/2019
Home Learning PolicyView PDFDownload18/11/2014
Inclusion and Diversity PolicyView PDFDownload2019
Instrumental Music PolicyView PDFDownload15/12/2015
Internet Banking PolicyView PDFDownload2019
Investment PolicyView PDFDownload
Internet Usage PolicyView PDFDownload19/06/2012
Mandatory ReportingView PDFDownload28/03/2017
Occupational Health Safety PolicyView PDFDownload19/05/2017
OSHC Late and Non-collection of Children PolicyView PDFDownload16/12/2015
Parent Code of ConductView PDFDownload17/02/2015
Parent Payment PolicyView PDFDownload
Privacy PolicyView PDFDownload
Purchasing Card PolicyView PDFDownload2019
Raising ConcernsView PDFDownload20/09/2012
Respect for School Staff PolicyView PDFDownload25/6/2019
School Council Standing OrdersView OnlineDownload2/4/2019
School Healthy Eating PolicyView PDFDownload20/09/2012
Sister School RelationshipView PDFDownload18/12/2013
Sister School – Memorandum of UnderstandingView PDFDownload18/12/2013
Sponsorship PolicyView PDFDownload
Student Engagement PolicyView PDFDownload28/03/2017
Student Wellbeing PolicyView PDFDownload28/03/2017
Student Code of ConductView PDFDownload
Sunsmart PolicyView PDFDownload2019
Visitor PolicyView PDFDownload2019
Volunteer PolicyView PDFDownload2019

Child Safe Policies

Child Safe PolicyView PDFDownload
Four Critical Actions Child AbuseView PDFDownload
Four Critical Actions SSOView PDFDownload
Statement of Commitment to Child SafetyView PDFDownload

School Strategic Planning

2018 Annual Implementation PlanView PDFDownload
Four Year Strategic Goals 2018 to 2021View PDFDownload
Annual Report 2017View PDFDownload
2019 Annual Implementation PlanView PDFDownload



Dept Education and Early Childhood Development (DET)

Draft Policies

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Sister School



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