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2021 Prep Information
Living Learning Environments

Esme Capp, Principal of Princes Hill Primary School, Mary Featherstone, designer, and Princes Hill teachers and students talk about how their learning environments have been designed to reflect their understanding of key principles of learning. More Information: Princes Hill Learning Environments Transcript (1).docx  

AALF 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning: A Vision for Learning
Children discover the art and science of landscapes
Connecting to our local community: building the Princes Hill Primary School Museum

In 2015 Princes Hill Primary School Grade 3&4 students built their own school museum. Classroom teacher Melinda Cashen explains the project and the relationship between community members, the school and organisations like Museum Victoria.

— This video shows some of the learning that has been going on in the 34 neighbourhoods over the first two weeks of this term. We have been continuing to develop our museum exhibits as well as writing narrative, reflective and report texts. Multiplication, measurement, area and construction feature in our maths workshops as well as a variety of maths targets which address the individual needs of students, such as the time target that can be seen in this video. Reading scientific report texts to assist in building knowledge within our museum inquiry has been a feature as well as specific guided reading sessions which serve to focus on the strategies that students use when they read. Weekly music sessions with Deb are also featured.

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