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At Princes Hill Primary School, we put children’s learning first. Each child is unique, with their own strengths, challenges and potential. Our role as educators is to nurture in children their desire for lifelong learning and their capacity to exercise judgement and responsibility in a rapidly changing world that they are already helping to shape.

We know that children who actively participate in their learning, learn more, so our rich educational program works to involve children intellectually, physically and socially.

At Princes Hill you will find purpose-built learning ‘neighbourhoods’ where we encourage meaningful learning, critical thinking, and respectful relationships among children and staff. Every day brings new opportunities for an exciting exchange of ideas, collaboration, multiple forms of expression, and dynamic groupings of learners. Our school character is one of creative, active engagement. It’s colourful and energetic and we relish every moment.

We also know there is great power in community, and we celebrate the role that our children, parents, and staff play in building our community. We take a team approach, and uphold tolerance, mutual respect, and high regard for oneself and all members of society. We value each other, our learning resources, and the wider world.

I know you will enjoy being part of our school community. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you more about what it’s like to learn at Princes Hill.

Dr Esme Capp

We know that children who actively participate in their learning, learn more.”

Princes Hill Primary School Assembly