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We offer children a rich, authentic experience

Active Learning

Children at PHPS are active learners and have opportunities to develop their own voice.

The joy of discovery drives learning, critical thinking, and reasoning, and can inspire a desire for lifelong learning, which is such a gift.


Children develop confidence and respectful opinions and grow to understand their own strengths —both fundamental to life in the 21st century— in a safe, rich environment.

Our educators constantly advance their practice, to improve student outcomes.

Collaboration and real-world approaches

We encourage collaboration and partnerships among children, educators and families, in a process known as ‘co-constructed learning’. We use our five learning neighbourhoods (based on year level) to facilitate group work that explores real-world, problem-based exercises—an approach reflected in many modern workplaces.

Our students’ voices are also heard via Junior School Council, student-led research into other students’ views, and student-run school assemblies.

Safe Exploration

Expressing opinions and ideas instils confidence in children. We create safe spaces in which children feel able to experiment, question and challenge themselves and others. Our approach stretches young minds and supports learning.

Wellbeing and a strong sense of self-worth define success for us.”

Teacher and students discussing public art project