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We offer rewarding engagement

We offer many ways in which children can further engage in their learning and wider community beyond the neighbourhood programs, such as:

  • camps
  • Hong Kong Sister School Exchange
  • student leadership programs
  • excursions
  • lunchtime clubs
  • interschool sport.

Our Student engagement policy outlines our expectations for student engagement, attendance and behaviour.

We have outstanding educators

Our educators are informed, contemporary professionals, who set a high standard of professional practice.”


Our team regularly connects with universities, professional organisations, networks and other educators globally.

We enjoy a creative learning environment

Our built environment is adaptable for optimal learning.

Each of our five learning neighbourhoods has discrete settings for:

  • Focused discussions
  • wet and messy activities
  • large active groups
  • construction and making
  • table-based writing
  • quiet reading and relaxing
  • multimedia production.

We’ve designed each setting (space, finishes, services and furnishings) to:

  • attract, engage and sustain attention
  • give ‘cues’ for use
    minimise distractions from adjacent activities
  • position relevant resources at point of use.

Our library is home to home to hundreds of stories and factual texts, technology and science resources, and robotics technologies. It brings the world to Princes Hill.

Arts teacher showing project to students

We offer a differentiated program

All children have their own strengths, talents and educational needs that shape their learning pathways, and so we use ‘targeted teaching’ in every learning neighbourhood. Our educators continually assess what each student knows now, target teaching to what each student is ready to learn next and track each student’s progress over time.

Our curriculum includes a variety of programs to cater for individual learning pathways, including Juicy Maths, Gateways program, and lunchtime chess instruction.

We provide extra support to those children who need it, by developing individual learning plans and undertaking ongoing monitoring. Initiatives include:

  • Additional targeted literacy and numeracy support
  • Teachers’ aides
  • Differentiated learning for all students
  • A friendship seat for children who wish to engage with others but need support to initiate contact
  • Peer mediation program (students supporting peers)
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • School social worker who provides targeted support to students, parents and teachers
Arts teacher showing project to students