Out of School Hours Care
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Provider Code: 00861K
Provider Name: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
2016 Term Dates
Term 1
28 Jan - 24 Mar

Term 2
11 Apr - 24 Jun

Term 3
11 Jul - 16 Sep

Term 4
3 Oct - 20 Dec

2017 Prospective Prep Enrolments

At 9:00am on Monday 11th April, the online booking system will open for prospective 2017 (only) families to book into a tour for enrolments.  Bookings are essential. The booking system will collect all the information relevant for school placement together with any questions you may have prior to arriving for your tour.

For your information, there are principles of the Department of Education & Training (DET) neighbourhood school policy which states:

Where there are insufficient places at school for all students who seek entry, students should be enrolled in the following priority order unless determined otherwise by the Regional Director (Schools):

  1. To provide each child with the right to a place in the designated neighbourhood school
  2. Wherever practicable, to provide parents/guardians with an opportunity to enrol their child at the same school as that being attended by an older brother or sister who resides at the same address
  3. To allow parents/guardians not wishing to send their child to the neighbourhood school to select any alternative school in which space is available
  4. To contain enrolments in each school within the limits of available resources as determined by the regional director

To help ascertain ‘designated neighbourhood school’ the Department recommends the following website to assist families in working out your closest primary school: www.street-directory.com.au

We look forward to meeting prospective families and sharing with you our vision for your child’s education.

Tour Dates and times – click date/time you wish to book

Friday 13th May at 9:30am

Friday 13th May at 12:30pm

Tuesday 17th May at 9:30am

Tuesday 17th May at 12:30pm

Thursday 19th May at 9:30am



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